SURICATES Project (2017 – 2023)
The SURICATES project, Sediment Uses as Resources In Circular And Territorial EconomieS, is a funding programme from EU Interreg NWE. The total project value is €7.9m, over the project lifetime from September 2017 to September 2023; MTU’s funding is approximately €850,000.
Main Focus

Challenge: Dredge Sediment is the 2nd Largest Solid Waste Stream in Europe with Insufficient Reuse of the Sediment Practiced.The main focus is on the reuse of dredged sediment for a range of applications and in the broader context of implementation with the principles of the Circular Economy. The project involves the development of a range of pilot projects at both large and small scale including at the Port of Rotterdam, at a number of sites under the ownership of Scottish Canal and at a site in the La Rance Estuary in the North of Frnace where there is a significant sediment management problem associated with the nearby tidal energy plant. A range of project tools have been developed to support the project including direct cost and economic models, an environmental model and a GIS model.

MTU has been involved in a range of project activities including overall responsibility for the project tools (Economic, environmental and GIS) and the implementation of a number of comprehensive case studies/projects for Ireland.


12 Project Partners across 4 Countries, 7 Associated Partners across 5 Countries and the Lead Partner is Université de Lille 1 (France).

Research Partners