ReNu2Farm Project (2017 – 2023)
The ReNu2Farm project is derived from Nutrient Recycling – from pilot production to Farms and fields is funded under EU Interreg NWE programme.
Main Focus

The ReNu2Farm project is designed to increase the recycling rates for the plant nutrients nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) in the primary food production chain in Northwest Europe (NWE). Up to now, farmers have essentially been using artificial fertilisers, for which the EU is heavily dependent on imports. Moreover, the production of artificial fertiliser requires large amounts of energy. Paradoxically, however, there are several regions with a nutrient surplus in NWE. There are also technologies for recovering those nutrients, but until now they have remained little-used by farmers. The total project value is €4.8m, with a duration from September 2017 to March 2023, with MTUs funding in the region of €420,000.

The main activities undertaken in MTU includes Stakeholder engagement with the farming community, the development of an educational tool to educate farmers on the benefits of using recycled nutrients, to determine the demand for recycled nutrients across Europe and lastly to examine the potential market in the horticulture and private sectors.


For this project: 10 Project Partners, 19 Associated Partners. Lead partner IZES gGmbh in Germany.

MTU Project Lead and Team:
Research Partners