SEEDS (2022 – 2024)
SEEDS (Sharing, Exchanging and Experiment with Digital Skills) is an Erasmus+ project with four partners: Universite Toulouse III, France; Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal; Osfalia University, Germany and Munster Technological University, Ireland. The total project value is €250,000; MTU’s funding is approximately €.60,000.
Main Focus

The proposed project will share, exchange and experiment with methods and tools for improving digital skills and intercultural experiences for tertiary education.  Work will be carried out as part of real-life demonstrator projects among the four initial universities.  The results will be used to establish best practice guidelines for relying on digital technology to internationalise university teaching in Europe.  The project will involve a minimum of 200 students directly out of all the students of the consortium universities and their immediate partner universities.  The community of teachers directly involved is around 40.  The number of teachers immediately accessible, i.e. teaching staff of consortium members and european partner universities exceeds 2000.  Through the dissemination and communication activities, an even larger number of teachers, as well as educational policy makers will be addressed.  Moreover, the SEEDS project foresees strong liaising with industry and commerce through project-based activities.  Led by a steering committee and managed by Université Toulouse III (France), the project partners are in the fields of robotics, computer sciences, civil engineering, electronics and applied sciences.  SEEDS will organize a sequence of shared distributed courses with lectures, virtual labs, projects and site visits, summer schools for industrial collaborations, a webinar for sharing teaching methods and other dissemination and communication activities.

Research Partners