Drones4VET (2021 – 2024)
Drones4VET project is an Erasmus+ funded project focusing on Transnational training programme in the use of drones for the construction sector. The total project value is €382,145.00, over the project lifetime from January 2022 to October 2024 (34 months); MTU’s funding is approximately €.80.345.
Main Focus

Drones4VET is a collaboration between European project partners which aims to create a Transnational Training Programme and Educator Handbook on the use of drones for construction related activities. 

The Drones4VET training programme and handbook for educators will be translated into 4 different languages and will incorporate a state of the art review of existing construction related drone activities of the partner countries as well as the latest European Regulations (2019/945 – 2019/947) in relation to the safe use of drones.

MTU will be responsible for assisting in the development of the Drones4VET Training Programme as well as coordinating the handbook for Educators. All partners will agree a common report template and framework for investigating the existing state of the art within each partner country (MTU – Ireland). A pilot training programme of approx. 20 students will be hosted in each partner country which will contribute to the evaluation and fine tuning of the final programme and handbook.

Additionally there will be multiplier events towards the end of the project which each partner country will host.

There are a number of outcomes that the project will focus and deliver:

  • Transnational composite analysis of trends and best practices in the use of drones in the construction sector for VET across EU – this will be achieved through National Surveys
  • Transnational training programme for the use of drones in the construction sector for VET, including its piloting in the partners’ countries.
  • Handbook for educators to guarantee the correct implementation, transferability and sustainability of the new training programme
  • Multiplier events to promote newly developed training programme

To date MTU and partners are delivering first project objective – National Surveys, following Kick-off meeting that took place in Gijon in March 2022.

Drones4VET Kick-off meeting Gijon 28.03.2022


MTU Project Lead and Team:
Research Partners