InVEST Project Household Application
InVEST (Investigation of PV Energy OptimSation for Self ConsumpTion) is an SEAI funded project with our partners Energy Expertise.
About the project

The InVEST project proposes to place the housing occupier to the forefront of residential solar PV. For solar PV technology to take off at a significant level, buy in from the householder must be achieved. To realise this buy-in, the building occupier must feel the benefit of the technology. The InVEST project will put the building occupier to the forefront of the research to understand their electricity use pattern, how they can maximise solar PV electricity use, and how technology which can assist consumers in achieving this will be investigated.

The InVEST project will demonstrate the potential for self-consumption of electricity generated in Ireland using this evidence based data. This knowledge will lead to a more accurate understanding of the business model for PV. The multi-criteria assessment will demonstrate both the tangible and in-tangible benefits of PV under various categories. This proposal will encourage people to InVEST in the technology and reap the rewards.

Benefits to participation
  • InVEST findings will inform householders of energy optimisation opportunities
  • Householders provided with methods of optimizing PV energy and general energy consumption, resulting in energy & cost savings
  • Householders will be able to see how their system compares to similar sized systems in Ireland

If you are interested in participating in this project, please fill in your contact information, and we will get back to you with more information. This project has received full ethical approval from Munster Technological University, and all GDPR standards will be followed for all collected data.

For any questions contact:

InVEST Team: Dr. Niamh Power, Dr. Evan Finegan and Dr. Shane Colclough

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