Phos4You Project (2016 – 2021)
Phos4You is the acronyms for PHOSphorous Recovery from waste water FOR YOUr Life, a funding programme from EU Interreg NWE. The total project value is €10.8m over the project lifetime from September 2016 to September 2021; the MTU funding is in excess of €500,000.
Main Focus

Challenge: Phosphorus is a Critical and Finite Raw Material for Food Security. The Phos4You Project focuses on the potential for phosphorous recovery from Municipal Wastewater across North West Europe. A range of different P-recovery technologies are implemented on a pilot scale across a range of wastewater treatment plant sizes, from large scale to small scale rural. P-recovery pilot plants include the Struvia Pilot Plant developed by Velio and which was installed at the Macroom Wastewater Treatment Plant, Co. Cork, Ireland. The P-recovered products are then applied as fertiliser in a range of growth trials, both at laboratory and field scale. This project work is undertaken in the context of wide stakeholder engagement from Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators, Water Authorities to the Fertiliser and Agriculture Industry.

MTU has been involved in a range of project activities including installation and operation of the Struvia Pilot Plant at the Macroom Wastewater Treatment Plant and growth trial applications using a range of P-recovered products at Laboratory scale and at Field Scale at sites on the Bishopstown Campus of MTU and in Co. Tipperary.


12 Project Partners across 7 Countries & 24 other Associated Partners, lead partner is Lipperverband (Germany).