FlowDyn Project (2024-2027)
The FlowDyn addresses some of the core problems associated with Dynamic Cables, which enable offshore wind power back to land, by developing a bespoke understanding of nonlinearities (static and dynamic), response conditions, and failures. FlowDyn creates a first and comprehensive benchmark openly and transparently allowing addressing of lifetime performance requirements and related designs. It creates a scientific insight into the ongoing processes linking nonlinearities and stochasticity linking them to practice in terms of design, guidelines, and recommendations. It also provides bespoke and sophisticated tools for analysing these scenarios of performance, while allowing for probabilistic assessments. FlowDyn is funded by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI): National Energy Research Development and Demonstration (RD&D) Funding Programme 2023
Main Focus

Dynamic Cables are one of the key elements that allow offshore wind power back to land. It is also one of the most vulnerable elements, leading to more frequent failures with large consequences around power generation and uncertainty around them. However, addressing the consistency of dynamic cables is difficult due to the fundamental complexity of these cables in terms of their modelling, lack of evidence base in terms of their testing and monitoring, and finally the gap between understanding them and having adequate tools to absorb them into industrial practice.

FlowDyn will create authoritative benchmarks through extensive numerical and experimental evidence bases, and performance metrics. It will develop an effective measurement and instrumentation chain and create guidance and protocols around testing and monitoring under various circumstances.

FlowDyn will be transformative in terms of how design, operation, maintenance, and monitoring are carried out. It will establish rigorous analysis at the core of renewable energy policy and provide Irish thought leadership globally in this niche and strongly bourgeoning sector. MTU is leading WP6- Design, Assessment, Reliability, and Model Updating. This WP assimilates the work of other WPs and creates a probabilistic and design framework for dynamic cables considering new models, testing, monitoring, industrial demands, and related uncertainties around them. It will also create a bespoke data-driven model updating and digital twinning method and related software solution. This will create good practice guidance for the future and lead to industrial uptake.

The FlowDyn project will run over a 3-year period and is coordinated by University College Dublin (UCD).

The total project value is € 795,550, of which MTU is awarded €127,550

University College Dublin with University College Cork and Munster Technological University is leading Ireland’s first national doctoral cohort on offshore dynamic cables. The schematic presents the flavour of each PhD.

MTU Project Lead and Team:
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