EirBLADE Project (2023-2024)
The EirBLADE project will create a National REposItoRy of Decommissioned Wind Turbine BLADEs (WTBs) and link it directly to WTB reuse in civil engineering and other applications. The creation of EirBLADE will be a key step in enabling the repurposing of WTBs on a large scale, thereby advancing clean energy, by fully transforming waste into resources for the circular economy. EirBLADE is funded by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI): National Challenge (Energy) Fund 2022.
Main Focus

Ireland’s energy transformation faces many challenges, including decommissioning due to aging infrastructure, upscaling of existing infrastructure, or replacement of components due to operational fatigue. Wind Energy Europe suggested WTBs landfill ban, coming into action in 2025. In the same year, it is estimated that 11000 tons of blade material will be decommissioned in Ireland.  The life cycle assessment suggests that the environmental impact of every tonne of blade diverted from landfill is 342 kg CO2 emission equivalent saved. The International Energy Agency recognized that there is no clear path dealing with the blade waste and formed the working group Wind Task 45 addressing the issue recognizing that WTBs made of thermoset composite material are difficult to recycle due to the nature of the material and that blade waste should be treated as a resource to create asset.

The EirBLADE team is proposing the creation of a national repository of decommissioned WTBs, which would contain comprehensive technical information on blade waste available on the Irish market. The idea is to centralise the information, but also standardise methods of testing and assessment, such as blade origins, history, geometry, and condition rating (based on visual inspection, non-destructive and destructive testing, material characterisation, and modelling). The blades will be tagged and linked to a purpose-built database. It is envisaged that the EirBLADE database will serve WT owners, the WTB second-hand market, and the public to order-off-the shelf decommissioned WTBs with known structural properties that can be readily reused as required in new structures and repurposed to their requirements. The EirBLADE repository will be a key part of the infrastructure required to facilitate and maximise the energy transformation that is currently in Ireland, and to achieve a resource-efficient circular economy.


The duration of the project is from 1st June 2023 to 31st November 2024 and comprises two stages, Concept (6 months) and Seed (12 months) Phases. The core team members are Dr Vesna Jaksic (MTU), project lead, Dr Paul Leahy (UCC), project co-lead, and Dr Cormac Ó Súilleabháin (Cork County Council), project societal impact champion.

The total project value is €249,929.

MTU Project Lead and Team:
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